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About DGP About

The Digital Globalization Plan (DGP), a new global open finance ecosystem, is jointly created by Cyprus FX TFXI, a global financial solutions company German SGCI, and Google XLab, a cutting-edge R&D laboratory under Google’s parent company Alphabet. Realize the vision and mission of the new ecology of the global DeFi digital industry.

DeFi ecology

DGP integrates government, regulatory agencies, capital, technology, communities and other resources to provide the financial industry and enterprises with a new DeFi financial ecosystem based on a new value system.

Public chain aircraft carrier

DGP can achieve rapid public chain deployment, one-click chain distribution, full-scenario chaining, and cross-chain integration, and promote the financial industry and enterprise chain improvement into a new era.

Community integration

DGP integrates more than 500 decentralized community nodes around the world, and will gradually be applied to supply chain finance, consumer finance, shared finance and other promising emerging fields in the future.

Advantages Advantages

Blockchain brings the first digital revolution to the financial industry, and the new DeFi ecosystem will bring the second revolution. The next 10 years will be the golden decade of blockchain and DeFi development. The DGP Finance's vision is to build and realize the world The new ecology of the DeFi digital industry provides new momentum for the global economy and financial industry.

The DGP Finance will always adhere to the mission of building a new open financial ecosystem. The traditional financial model can no longer solve the current difficulties faced by enterprises. DGP focuses on the decentralized growth model to create a traditional blockchain that completely exceeds BTC/ETH/EOS. Standard DGP public chain ecology.

  1. Technical team: DGP has a very mature and powerful technical team. The core members are from Google XLab. They have extremely rich experience in pan-finance, information technology, 5G, AI artificial intelligence and other fields, and have achieved industry-leading positions in the field of blockchain technology.
  2. Industry resources: The DGP team brings together veterans in the asset trading and foreign exchange acceptance industries. And it will sign strategic cooperation agreements with top-level leading companies in the target industry to truly promote the actual implementation of DGP public chain applications.
  3. Business governance: The DGP public chain has a clear and definite strategic plan for the target industry, and is more focused and professional with the use of blockchain technology’s distributed decentralization, non-tamperable, encrypted security and peer-to-peer transmission value characteristics, targeting the target The industry penetrated and quickly gained market share.
  4. Fund management: The fund management of the DGP public chain will strictly abide by the principles of fairness, justice and openness. Through the DGP foundation, the DGP public chain development fund will be specially kept, and the safety and sustainability of the funds will be ensured. The use of all funds of the DGP public chain project will be regularly disclosed to all investors.

Ecosystem Ecosystem

Through consensus scoring mechanism, bottom cross chain, decentralized trading, DAPP industry platform and third-party contract expansion, DGP realizes on chain ecological deep circulation value in community governance, enterprise chain reform, supply chain finance, security traceability, property logistics, digital asset securitization, digital asset trading, social games, etc.

Cross chain to realize deep value of token

  • DGP supports well-known public chain cross-chain technologies such as bit and ether to realize the exchange of tokens
  • DGP public chain supports independent construction of sub-chains to realize industry-level independent token application
  • DGP sidechain supports protocols such as custom consensus, sidechain assets and block interval

Multi-level node architecture diversified application scenarios

  • Core node + community node realizes multi-level node consensus mechanism and data interaction, storage, and mutual trust of certificates.
  • Diversified community node voting consensus mechanism to achieve deep security credit consensus on the chain.
  • Realize on-chain solutions in supply chain finance, asset securities and asset transactions, property logistics, public services, social games and other fields.

Tokenized economy of chain reform

  • Encourage the benign development of the ecology through minting or digital tokens, and promote the value of minting and digital tokens in the liquid market with ecology.
  • Combining financial-related business scenarios to enable traditional enterprises and institutions to seamlessly access the platform, and issue their own STO/IDO/ETO tool templates to realize asset value.
  • Unleash the potential value of corporate assets through cross-chain interaction of parallel chains, and promote the expansion of the real economy in multiple dimensions

Digital asset management and incentives

  • Through blockchain consensus, immutable technology and digital signatures, end-user encrypted wallets ensure the safety of user assets and funds.
  • Provide financial-level security services, data storage, integrate resources, assets, and transactions into the DGP blockchain to ensure security.
  • Through the consensus mechanism for the ecological project developers, participants will reward corresponding high-value digital assets in accordance with the consensus smart contract.

Business Model Business Model

DGP will develop in a parallel way of public chain ecological construction and public chain financial rewards. DGP will issue 986,000 tokens, and the final deflation will be reduced to 10,000 tokens.

Total issuance

986,000 DGP

Total deflation

Deflation to 10,000 DGP

Genesis Node

50 Nodes

Community Node

1,000 Nodes

Community User

100,000 Users

Air Drop
Pledge Community Repurchase

Roadmap Roadmap

December 2020

The technical team has been formed, and the design of the principle of the blockchain and the underlying structure has been completed, and the construction of global compliance has been completed.

March 2021

Formulate a full set of DGP algorithms and rules

June 2021

Completed DGP public chain prototype development

September 2021

DGP public chain public beta version 1.0 released

October 2021

Enterprise and community information on-chain integration

November 2021

DGP public chain online global top 10 trading platform

December 2021

DGP public chain mainnet version 2.0 is online


The DGP team brings together veterans in the asset trading, foreign exchange acceptance industry, and IT high-tech industry, and will sign strategic cooperation agreements with top companies in the target industry to promote the actual implementation of DGP public chain applications.

James Ryan
Chief Executive Officer of DGP

Chief Executive Officer of DGP Global Strategy

Stefan Harary
CTO and senior developer

Former Director of Google Distributed Data Research Division

Moises Teare
Blockchain App Developer

Leader of the Intelligent Consensus Mechanism Research Project

Gabriel Bernal
DGP community management leader

Former Senior Technical Partner of Ether Chain Startup

Senior Consultant

Julian Holly
Board of Directors Financial Decision Advisor

Senior Financial Decision Investment Advisor

Jaxon Kilburn
Strategic Analysis Consultant of the Board of Directors

Senior Consultant of Blockchain Industry Development Decision Analysis

Partners partners